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Helicopter Flights St Barts St Maarten / St Martin

How long is Helicopter Charter flight between Sint Martin and St Barts ?

Travel time between St. Barthelemy and St Maartin varies by about 10 minutes.

Why fly a helicopter ?

Indulge in a luxurious island-hopping adventure with our helicopter services, offering a panoramic view of azure seas and secluded beach. Soar above palm-fringed paradises, transcending traditional travel constraints. Experience the freedom of swift, personalized transportation to exclusive villas and remote islands, all against the backdrop of the deep blue sea.

Whether reveling in vertical takeoffs, enjoying breathtaking aerial vistas, or seamlessly accessing island airports, our helicopter experiences redefine travel. Elevate your journey above the ordinary, where every flight becomes a unique and opulent exploration of island life.

Private Helicopter Charter cost between Sint Martin and St Barts

Embark on a luxurious journey with our helicopter transport services, where pricing caters to both the season and the unique nature of your experience. During peak times like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, costs adjust to heightened demand. Included in the price is an exclusive VIP service, a hallmark of comfort and convenience, available exclusively at St. Maartin (SXM).

Notably, this Meet and Greet Airport service is not extended to St. Barth (SBH), making it advisable for an enhanced arrival experience in St. Barths to opt for a separate VIP service on SBH. Whether you're seeking a seamless airport transfer or an awe-inspiring aerial tour, our pricing is designed to tailor the experience to your preferences and the enchanting destinations of St. Barth and St. Martin. Book your private helicopter charter to St Barts, Sint Martin or Anguilla for an incomparable travel experience.

Day trip

Embark on an ephemeral adventure and discover the hidden gems of neighboring islands on our exclusive day trips. Book a flight to Anguilla and enjoy playing golf in a breathtaking and challenging course. Take a flight from St Barts airport to St Martin and have a stunning moment in a private nature reserve at the Lotery Farm. Let yourself be transported to heavenly destinations for a memorable day under the Caribbean sun.

Our Caribbean Charter Flights

Explore diverse Caribbean destinations seamlessly with our helicopter services, offering exclusive access to a curated selection of stunning locales. With our partners Airlines we can operate charter flights to the following destinations:

  • Sint Maarten (SXM) 10-minutes flight from St Barts
  • St Martin grand case (SFG) 10-minutes flight from St Barts
  • St Barthelemy (SBH)
  • Antigua (ANU) 35-minutes flight from St Barts
  • Tortola (EIS) 50-minutes flight from St Barts
  • Saba (SAB) 16-minutes flight from St Barts
  • Nevis (NEV) 25-minutes flight from St Barts
  • Ste Croix (STX) 30-minutes flight from St Barts
  • St Thomas (STT) 11-minutes flight from St Barts

Meet and Greet Service

To elevate your journey to different destinations, consider adding a Meet and Greet service to your charter experience. This personalized service ensures a seamless transition from the skies to the islands' enchanting grounds. Upon your arrival, a dedicated concierge will warmly welcome you, handling all the formalities and ensuring transit smoother.

The Meet and Greet service not only adds a touch of luxury but also saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on the pleasures of your Caribbean escape. From the moment you step off your private helicopter, this exclusive service ensures that every detail of your arrival is impeccably managed, setting the tone for a truly indulgent vacation. Our comprehensive VIP services go beyond the skies, as we take care of everything for our clients, from handling paperwork to managing luggage, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience throughout their journey.

Book your Meet and Greet Service to St Barts, Sint Martin or Anguilla and and let us pamper you from departure to arrival, for an incomparable travel experience.


Children -12
Babies -2